Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cristian welcomes you to our blog!

Hi All,
... Sorry, but it is my first blog... and I forgot to introduce my self... 
I'm Cristian, an italian guy employed in a big multinational company in Zürich. As you will see, my English is pretty terrible despite I'm working on Text Mining projects in the Content Management department of my company :).
I really hope you will correct my mistakes... (the trial error strategy is a good paradigm to train many systems: also human brains to learn quickly foreign languages!!).
My contributes to this blog will be mainly summarized in three points:
1) specialization of general purpose algorithms;
2) visual example of real scenarios;
3) analysis of systems (understood as mix of cooperative algorithms) for complex problems.
Of course we get the focus on text mining and data mining problem, but as you know many techniques are so general that you can easily reuse in different context.
Our interests in the last years have been oriented on problems related to content auto classification, extraction of relevant information from text, and selective search enforcing standard capabilities of "full text search engine".
If you are attracted  to these themes and you want share with us your experiences and points of view, well: STAY TUNED!


  1. Great. I will also love to get source code of the simulations. If you don't mind, can you please share with me as well..I really need it. And I am hoping that it will work great for me as well.